The Strength in Vulnerability

When you see those black clouds starting to roll in and feel the atmosphere start to change, when you sense the black dog as it breathes down your neck, will you tough it out or do you have the strength to allow yourself to be vulnerable? Can you find the strength to allow yourself toContinue reading “The Strength in Vulnerability”

Calm & Kindness Amongst Chaos & Confusion

With the whole world going into global lockdown amid the Covid-19 pandemic and being told to put away our motorbikes, leave our jobs, keep our physical distance from people and stay at home for at least 4 weeks (New Zealand), it almost feels like the apocalypse.

There’s No Shame to be had with the Demons in Our Minds

I recently attended my cousin Sean’s funeral. He was only 33. I will not beat around the bush here or try to cover up how he died; he committed suicide by hanging himself. Regardless of how well I knew him as an adult, this came as a devastating blow. It bought home all my personalContinue reading “There’s No Shame to be had with the Demons in Our Minds”