The Sky’s The Limit & The World Is Our Oyster

I can always remember fantasising about wanting to travel the world and one day live abroad in a little house that I’ve built myself. I just never understood how to get myself there.

Always feeling like I didn’t quite belong, constantly on the move, drifting from one place to another and never quite reaching that goal.

It’s only as I’ve got older and watched the people I love, not fulfilling there own dreams that urged me to reach higher for mine. Plus marrying a man who also shared similar dreams to mine.


As I sit starring out the window on the aeroplane, I still can’t quite believe we are finally doing it. I’ve dreamt about this my whole life. So why am I so scared? What have we got to lose? The sky’s the limit and the world is our oyster…

The only sacrifice is leaving our loved ones behind, only hoping one day they too will be brave enough to take that leap of faith. But that’s it! We’ve gone all in and there’s no turning back. All that we own is packed into suitcases and rucksacks with just a couple of boxes in storage.


As the plane touches down in New Zealand I’m a mixture of anxiety and excitement. But we’re not here just for a holiday, not here just to awe at this beautiful country or to just lounge in the Kiwi lifestyle (well maybe a little bit). 

We have come over for 6 months (the maximum we’re allowed to as UK visitors). Thus giving us only a short amount of time to find out feet, secure job offers so we can get work visas and make this place our new home. Which is a scary thought in itself. It’s funny, I’m not sure if I’m more sacred of making this place home or  more scared that we have such a short time frame to do it in. I suppose the thought of me grounding myself anywhere has never really appealed to my free spirited nature. But it feels like the right time to make some roots and have something for our own.

However we still have a long way to go before we can say we have achieved our goal of living abroad and building our own home. But we have made the 1st step. Whatever happens from here at least we can say we bloody well tried. As for our plans to travel, this will come in time and what better place to start than this beautiful country. I feel this is only the beginning….

Can you say the same? That you at least tried? Or will you be the one to watch from the side lines as your hopes and dreams just pass you by? Stuck in your own little bubble afraid to take that next step. Because it’s scary, because of the kids, because of money, because, because, because….

When really the sky is the limit and the world is your oyster and it’s only yourself standing in the way of everything you want to achieve.

What are your dreams? Have you made them come true? Are you just starting out? Or are you still dreaming?

Feel free to share your thought in the comments below…

Published by Lonely T.W.A.T

Capturing the everyday adventures of motorcycling through the form of blogging, photography and videography and encouraging women to aspire to their own dreams of riding. And using this blog as a platform to raise awareness of mental health which is a very important and personal topic to us.

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