Best Of The West Breakie Club; The Results…

In March this year I set out on a quest to find the best biker friendly place to have breakfast in the South West of England. Once a month up until November I set up a breakfast club event via my Facebook page, visiting a different cafe/diner each time. You can watch all the videos here.

The aim was simple; to find the best biker friendly place to have breakie.

Visited by bikers and reviewed by bikers, here are the results of the best places we found to have breakie in the South West (of course there are many more that can be reviewed and these are just a small handful of ones we visited):

1. John’s Grill Plympton

Johns Grill Plympton

Johns Grill Sausage RatingComing in as the ‘Best of the West’ with 31/35 points was an unusual winner. Unusual how you ask? Well if you would have said that overall the winner would be from a burger van I might have found it rather amusing.

However smack bang in the middle of Harley Davidson and Triumph dealership in Plympton you’ll find John’s Grill. What you might not expect to find is a rather decent breakie with plenty of choice for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. The cost wasn’t half bad either coming it at £5.00 for a standard breakfast including toast and £1.10 for a cuppa.

Throw in a mecca of motorbike porn from Harley and Triumph and enough chrome to make any motorcycle enthusiast to want to get out their polishing cloth, what more could you ask for?

Well with the van being outside (despite plenty of picnic benches to perch on), it does lack places to put your gear other than on the floor. It could also do with brollies on those blazing hot days when you want to enjoy the sun but not at your own peril from wearing motorbike leathers in the immense sunshine.

Nonetheless a cracking place not just to have a burger but for a fairly decent breakie too. Plus if you’re a T.W.A.T card holder, you get a discount. Winner Winner!

Johns Grill Results

2. Chequered Flag SW

Chequered Flag

Chequred Flag Sausage RatingNo surprises here in 2nd place with 30/35 points is this thriving up and coming motorbike cafe Chequered Flag just off the A38 near Liskeard. A lovely community hub for families and motorcyclists alike.

Although on the pricier side compared to other cafes/diners, coming in at £5.95 for a standard breakfast including toast and £1.30 for a cuppa. They’re also missing a vital ingredient from the veggie breakfast, a sausage.

However, that said they do, do a cracking breakfast. Also voted no. 1 in our reviews for its motorcycle amenities with its helmet park, drying rack, coat hangers and workshop you tend not to mind paying that little bit extra, especially on a damp, cold day!

Overall a gem of a cafe with a great friendly vibe and plenty of facilities. Plus they do patch and loyalty card deals!

Chequered Flag SW Results

3. GTs Legends Cafe

GT's Legends Cafe
GT Legends Cafe Sausage Rating

Coming in, in 3rd place was GT Motorcycles Legends Cafe with 28/35.

Now it has to be said, this was the least favourable breakfast of them all with overall poor quality. It was also missing tomatoes on a standard breakie. Plus the coffee was on the pricier side (although they do, do a loyalty scheme for coffee but you had to ask for this). However there was a good choice of breakfasts to choose from but it was lacking in veggie options.

That said it came in at a reasonable £3.95 for a standard breakie and £1.20 for a cuppa.

It’s only saving grace from the disappointing breakfast was the friendliness of the staff and that the cafe had plenty of amenities such as helmet park and coat hangers. It is also situated in a motorcycle dealership with plenty of motorbikes to drool over and a shop to browse in.

GT Legends Cafe Results

4. Louis Tea Rooms

Louis Tea Rooms

Louis Tea Rooms Sausage RatingComing on par with Chequered Flag and Johns Grill for a great breakie was Louis Tea Rooms in Callington scoring a respectable 5/5 for its overall breakfast and 25/30 total score. With plenty of choice for vegetarians plus gluten free options available.

It also boosted one of the best value for money at just £5.00 for a standard breakfast including toast and tea/coffee.  Throw in flat, separate motorbike parking, friendly, efficient service and staff, plus an amazing view, you can’t go far wrong with this lovely little cafe.

The only thing lacking is its amenities for motorcyclists with no place to put your gear and no drying facilities etc. also no kind of loyalty scheme. But you wouldn’t grumble much sat outside on a sunning day or even on a raining day underneath the decking for a fab £5 breakie boosting stunning views!


5. The Engine House

The Engine House

The Engine House Sausage RatingSnapping at the heels of Louis Tea Rooms and right next door to Louis is The Engine House. Scoring 23/35. Although a little more expensive than Louis Tea Rooms, coming in at £5.25 for a standard breakfast including toast and £1.20 for a cuppa.

But top ratings for their amazing breakfast (although knocked down a point due to the toast coming out before the breakfast). Yes, we’re a tough bunch to please but who wants cold toast to soak up the remanence of their breakie! However their excellent menu choice also catering for vegans, vegetarians and gluten free options plus stunning views made up for this. It also had excellent separate motorbike parking.

The only thing missing once again was amenities for motorcyclists and a loyalty scheme but this can soon be forgiven with the best quality sausage’s we found amongst all the places we visited and the super quick, friendly service.

The Engine House Results

6. Chapter 1 Diner

Chapter 1 Diner

Chapter 1 Diners Sausage RatingA lovely warm welcome from staff at Chapter 1 Diner a unique little cafe at Damerells Motorcycles in Indian Queens near Newquay which came in scoring 24/35.

Unfortunately the breakfast wasn’t the best with the eggs coming out hard.  Although there was a reasonable choice to choose from (although no veggie sausages) and the best value we found out of all the places we visited with a standard breakie including toast and bottomless tea/coffee for just £4.50. Bargain!

But it did lack in amenities, although there were some space to hang jackets and put your helmet out the way but this was limited. The other downside being that if Damerells were closed you would have to use the porta loo next to the cafe to go to the toilet.

However the upside being when the dealership was open, there was plenty of bikes to look at and a shop to buy bits and bobs. Plus they had a nice outside seating area (ideal on those sunny days) and good motorcycle parking.

Chapter 1 Diner Results

7. Cap’n Jaspers

Cap'n Jaspers

Capn Jaspers Sausage RatingAt the bottom of the list is the good old Cap’n Jaspers scoring 21/35.

This iconic cafe in the Barbican, Plymouth, is one of the main meeting places for bikers. Unfortunately unless you’re into baps and burgers it isn’t really the place to go for a hearty breakfast. However at £1.90 for a regular bacon roll and 90p for a decent cuppa you can’t go far wrong (just don’t forget to return your mug to get your 20p back so your tea actually works out at 70p!)

The parking can be a bit hairy if you’re not used to riding on cobbles with everyone watching (it is free for motorcyclists) and there are no onsite toilets (although public ones are just a minute’s walk away). Plus you won’t find any other facilities like some of the top motorbike cafes such as helmet park etc. However set in the historic harbour of Plymouth it is a buzzing location right in the port which attracts a plethora of motorcyclists all year round and you can’t beat a good cuppa with bike buddies!

Capn Jaspers Results

There you have it with our winner of the breakfast club being Johns Grill in Plympton.

But I have to say overall this has been great fun with all the cafe/diner staff being incredible friendly and welcoming. They are all great biker friendly places to visit when you’re out and about especially with friends. Who knows, maybe I’ll do another breakie club when I’m in New Zealand. Watch this space!

I would love to hear what your favourite biker friendly cafes are around the world? Feel free to share in the comments below….

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