Going All in…

After 25,000 miles of riding together over 5 years and endless adventures through all kinds of weather, my 1st big bike was finally sold 5 weeks ago!

Selling My Bike
Me and My 1st Big Bike

Our last adventure being the 2897 miles we rode over the summer and by doing so, winning the Female Riders UK odometer challenge

Female Riders UK Competition

It was a heart breaking decision to let her go but the next part of my journey is about to begin….

It’s only a few days before I leave Plymouth and less than 4 weeks left until my husband (Rob) and I fly to New Zealand. Although our plans have changed slightly:

See we had this romantic notion of travelling to New Zealand, Thailand and Vietnam. However in our spontaneous nature of trying to take on the whole world at one time, we lost sight of our main goal, to one day try and make New Zealand our home. So we had a choice; travel for a while or focus on just one goal. As much as we would love to do both, as you can imagine, neither of these dreams are cheap. So we choice the later.

We don’t have any set plans as such and have got no visas to live or work. Are you mad, I hear you ask? Yes maybe a little, or actually a lot! Remember we have set out to explore New Zealand as an option to eventually live, that requires time to explore the country and meet people in person, there is only so much you can do from behind a keyboard in the UK!

As UK tourists we are allowed to visit the country for up to 6 months thus giving us time to explore all the relevant options, travel a bit and of course catch up with family and friends that already live there. Who knows where we will be in 6 months? New Zealand? Exploring another country? Settling down in some unforeseen destination? The world is quite literally our Oyster! We are like drifters ready to be taken in whichever direction the wind blows. The nomad part of Becoming a digital nomad…… is upon us.


Bovisand Beach, Plymouth

However in order to have such a free plans and free minds we have literally sold everything we own (apart from a few precious items) and have whittled our whole lives into bags and suitcases. For us, going all in was the only thing amongst our mad plans which made any sense. We didn’t want materialistic things left in the UK to draw us back or be weighed down with unwanted baggage. Thus decluttering our lives and therefore decluttering our minds. It feels strange and rather liberating as I sit on my homemade bed on the floor (which consist of just a duvet and blanket after selling my bed a few weeks ago) writing this, surrounded by the few items we have left. I almost feel like a squatter in my own room.

But nothing about the journey we are about to take is easy and I despise anyone who says we are “lucky”. Rob and I have spent months apart whilst he works 7 days a week most weeks, often working 90 hours plus with very little time off. It’s hard and exhausting physically labour. But its just as mentally hard to be at home trying to sort everything else out whilst he is away. I suppose it all comes down to mutual respect, team work and trust. We need each other to get on with our part in this journey thus sacrificing our time away from each other so we can ultimately build the life we both dream of. A dream is a beautiful thing but its even more beautiful to have someone to share it with and to be making it a reality. The only “lucky” thing about any of this is that we have each other and share a similar mindset.


So as my last few days draw to a close in Plymouth, I feel like I’m in no-mans land; on the edge of starting a new life with all cylinders firing and ready to go whilst still living my current/old life. It’s a strange and eerie feeling.

I’m not sure how the next part of this journey is going to be as Rob and I say farewell to friends and family. Especially as some of my closest family move to Cornwall just as we are leaving Devon (neighbouring counties in England)!!! But I’m expecting it to be challenging and I am preparing myself for a bit of a rollercoaster. Although inside I’m starting to buzz slightly with anticipation at being on the edge of starting our next adventure. Like I said the only things that is clear is Going All In….

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