Rallying Together to Unite Female Bikers Across the Globe!

“Be adventurous. Be courageous. Be inspiring. Be real. Be united” WRWR

A Women Riders World Relay (WRWR) group to unite lady bikers across the globe, what a fab idea thought a young office manager as she sat at her desk one day…

Hayley Bell on her Yamaha R6

Roll on 3 weeks later and the group already has over 6.5K members from across the globe stretching as far as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa! With over 60 countries already on board. If there has ever been a time for female bikers to rally together and unite, then this is it!

But no preaching feminism here says WRWR, just an opportunity to show the biking industry part of the market that is often overlooked;

“Through our sheer masses and borderline bonkers aspirations, unity and determination, we can make an impact on the motorsport industry that is so very needed” WRWR

I think this is something so many of us lady bikers can relate to. Despite the rise of female riders over the years, the market still doesn’t quite seem ready for us. You see this regularly when trying to buy new gear which is often limited to flowery designs and colours of pink and purple (although slowly improving). Or when walking into a showroom where you’re quickly hurried over to the low seat cruisers or “smaller bikes”. So what better way to be heard than to ride united on a global scale, just to say, hey we’re here!

Lady Bikers

But this is no mean feat they have decided to take on. I mean which lady bikers in the world wouldn’t want to be part of this relay? What an incredible, bonkers but awe inspiring idea.

So who is the mad lady, behind the idea of attempting to take on the world of female riders and make a permanent dent in the industry for us lady bikers across the world?

The Bonkers Brain Behind the Helmet; Hayley Bell WRWR founder

Hayley Bell a 27 year old office manger from Warrington, England, grew up amongst a family of bikers. Although she was always the daredevil of the family and despite wanting a bike of her own, was told no by her family as she was likely to “kill herself”.


At the age of 18 she left England to travel and teach windsurfing (not dangerous at all, of course!) and English in Spain, Greece and France.

After only a couple of years travelling she came back home due to a family loss.

It wasn’t until an ex boyfriend took her on the back of his Aprilia Tuono that her passion for motorbikes ignited once again. She went straight in to do her test!

She has now been riding for 3 years and like so many including myself has met some awesome people, had some incredible opportunities and has fully “lived” all thanks to riding.

Hayley on her TM125mx that she custom rebuilt herself

Hayley came up with the idea, after like so many of us, continuously saw the focus on males in the motorsport industries dominating that of females.
WRWR – Women Riders World Relay

In 2019 Hayley and her team of 9 admins; Shana Sanderson, Liv Seuring, Sara Osterholzer, Liza Miller, Michelle Lamphere, Emma Booton, Jo Bangles, Versya Sfiftyenko and Nathalie A Cloutier, plan to do something that no-one has attempted on such a vast scale before; unite women riders across the globe on a mass scale so the industry finally realises how many lady bikers there actually are.

They plan to do this by getting together as many female bikers as they can from around the world to join the group and then organise a world-wide relay covering as many areas as humanly possible across the globe.

WRWR Mission Statement;

“We co-ordinate women motorcycle riders across the world to participate in the annual “Women Riders World Relay”, bringing fun, experience, confidence and a sense of unity to women riders globally”


So to all my fellow ladies on bikes, this is your time to be stand up and get noticed and be part of something awesome! So what you waiting for. Get signed up, get joining, get sharing and get involved. This is your chance “To be the global “eye-openers” of women in Motorsport” WRWR


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Capturing the everyday adventures of motorcycling through the form of blogging, photography and videography and encouraging women to aspire to their own dreams of riding. And using this blog as a platform to raise awareness of mental health which is a very important and personal topic to us.

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