Make Your Own Pot of Gold…

Photo Taken by Paul Tones

It’s funny, only Thursday night I had a complete anxiety meltdown in which I questioned everything I am trying to achieve with this blog and whether it is worth doing? I guess maybe I need to read more of my own advice….

Because regardless of what life throws at you and how tough things can sometimes get, it’s ultimately down to yourself to ‘Make Your Own Pot of Gold…’ That’s not to necessarily say it’s an easy thing to do and at some point you’ll most likely feel stuck in a rut. We also can’t predict the hardships that come along.

Personal it’s taken me a long time to make my own path but one thing that we all have in common is the freedom to choose. I have learnt that it’s not necessarily the obstacles we face that make a difference in where we end up, but actually how we choose to deal with those obstacles that will determine our direction and the people we become.

Through my own personal struggles with my inner demons I am more mindful than ever to enjoy the journey as much as I enjoy reaching the destination. Also more mindful that I can do whatever I choose in life and myself will always be my main obstacle.


Yes I do have to consider the desires of what my husband also wants to do with his life but that’s not an obstacle just simple part of the journey, our journey.

I get inspired by the likes of Ted Simon, Safia Miletus, Nikki Misurelli and Elspeth Beard not just because they are fellow motorcyclists who haved lived or are living extraordinary lives but because they are extraordinary people living THEIR lives. There’s something rather empowering and romantic about those who seek to make a life thus rather different than the ‘norms of society’. After all ‘You were born an original. Don’t die a copy’ John Mason.

As much as I would love to follow in their footsteps (although maybe one day). My path is to lead in a slightly different direction……Compromise and sacrifice have to come part and parcel when you get married. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to stop riding my bike and start leading a different way of life, as that’s just me. However dreams of becoming a Digital Nomad and travelling around the world on my motorcycle isn’t no longer just MY choice. As Rob doesn’t ride, although we both long to travel, it will sadly not be by motorbike. But, I have married the love of my life who also has a passion for travel so I suppose two out of three ain’t bad. And that’s not to say I won’t ride if we do go off just not to the extent I desire. But I am looking forward to exploring the world with my husband and still meeting like minded motorcyclists along the way. Who knows where it will lead?

So the only thing left to do is to merge both our dreams together as husband and wife and make our own pot of gold together. Which I can say we are on the right track of doing after booking our multi-trip flips to New Zealand, Thailand and Vietnam for November of this year. Very excited!!!!


If you’re thinking, dreaming and wishing for a better life, maybe it’s about time you stopped dreaming and started DOING! Not having enough money or I’ve got the kids to look after are all just excuses. Check out Emma who regular travels with her husband and two young sons around different places in the world or the bucket list family all living there lives as families whilst exploring what this world has to offer. I can guarantee you will find a million reasons why you will not do it, but have you stopped for a minute and thought WHY NOT? Life is there to be lived and the world to be explored so go out and ‘Make Your Own Pot of Gold…’

Published by Lonely T.W.A.T

Capturing the everyday adventures of motorcycling through the form of blogging, photography and videography and encouraging women to aspire to their own dreams of riding. And using this blog as a platform to raise awareness of mental health which is a very important and personal topic to us.

9 thoughts on “Make Your Own Pot of Gold…

  1. Enjoyed your latest post. I’m also an avid cyclist for over 50 years. Like you, I’m married to a non- motorcyclist. She rode while we were dating, 46 years ago, but never once after our wedding. But, she has never hindered my riding and traveling. I can go whenever I want. I just take her on trips in the car to places she enjoys. So far we’ve traveled all over the USA, Alaska and Europe. And I enjoy my riding. So, all is not lost. Neither form of travel necessarily excludes the other.


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