Becoming a digital nomad……..A 6 month review


It has been 6 months since writing my Becoming a digital nomad…… blog. So I thought to give you a little update on where I am so far. The main questions to answer were:

  • Is this just a pipe dream or a realistic way of living?
  • If this could be made a reality would it be so much work that it would suck the fun out of enjoying your travels?
  • How much money can I make digitally in a year?

In the nomadic sense in terms of reducing our materialistic items and not having a set long term home, I suppose you can say this has been achieved to a certain extent. In September 2017 my husband and I walked out of our jobs where we also lived and effectively made ourselves jobless and homeless (Through Stormy Skies). We contemplating living in a tent for a few months until we figured out what to do. Luckily a good friend and my dad’s cousin (Sal) offered to put us up in a room temporarily in Plymouth. I suppose then, it just came upon us, what are we doing with our lives? What happened to our dream of travelling and possibly emigrating to New Zealand? After we stopped and thought about it we realised we had lost sight of our goals amongst the chaos of our lives. So we agreed that this would be our next step with an aim of going to New Zealand by November 2018 and Sal agreed to put us up until then. So we are still effectively nomadic as we still continue to wonder. The majority of our belongings have mostly been wittled down to nothing and soon we will be ready to take our next steps with nothing more than a couple of bags of our most precious belongings and each other.

Ian Stephens Photography

Hasten to add we are both back working again with Rob working away again as a carpenter and I have secured a couple of simple waitressing and bar jobs. The silver lining being that I now work to live not the other way around. Although Rob is having to work really hard but it’s worth it for the money he’ll earn which will ultimately get us to where we are heading next.


Nomadic lifestyle – achieved to some degree

Reducing materialistic items – check

So thats a few items of the list in terms of being nomadic but how is the digital money making going?

So the key points identified into how to make money digitally in my last blog were:

  • Cashback sites
  • Networking
  • Affiliate marketing programme

I can positively say two of these points are being achieved rather nicely (although I am not quite making millions yet!).

My UK cashback site TopCashback has earned a rather healthy sum of £26.85 so far (not bad considering I have just been shopping for things I have needed).

This has been particular ideal for making money when purchasing larger items such as airport parking and hotels. As the more money you spend the more cash back you earn, although cashback rates do vary for different companies. Just bear in mind it can take a while for payments to be made payable, ideal for long term saving but not so great for earning quick cash.

Again it’s not going to make me a digital nomad just yet but it’s one step forward to making it more a reality. As this is a year long trial it’s a good little way to earn money for when we do go.

From what was gathered to become a digital nomad, networking was crucial in order to build traffic through your sites.

Before I was a little unsure of using such sites as Instagram. However have since discovered it as a very powerful tool for networking. In particular as my main hobby is photography. I currently have just under 200 followers. You can follow my profile here. I have also been able to put a link directly to my blog, another key ingredient to networking (linking your accounts). As well as share my Instagram posts to my Facebook page.

As for my Motorcycle Travels Site Facebook page this has been my most successful social media account so far. With nearly 250 followers. But most importantly it is the one I enjoy using the most as I can connect more easily to friends and groups through the site. It is also a great platform to share my blogs in particular with other motorbike groups.

I have also very recently started a YouTube channel where you can find me under the name Motorcycle Travels Site – lonelyT.W.A.T This is a great networking tool. But I have to admit, I am a complete novice to video making. Although watch this space, she is learning fast!
So definately a thumbs up for cashback sites and networking.

However this is all fair and well but the way to really make money digitally is through affiliate marketing. Something to be honest with you, I haven’t quite grasped. I understand the concept and have signed up to two programmes; Amazon Associates and Sports Bike Shop UK. Truth be told I haven’t made any money off these yet although they have been useful to share my recommended products to others. Such as in my ……..the basic essentials and Winter Riding……… blogs.

Maybe in time as my networking profiles build this is something that can make money. But at the moment I am rather enjoying just riding my bike and sharing my experiences.


  • Cashback sites – 1 up and running and slowly earning cash
  • Networking – All social media accounts regularly getting more followers and traffic is increasing
  • Affiliate Marketing Programmes – 2 up and running but yet to earn money. Lack of knowledge and time restricting using these tools to their full potential

So I am slowly building up the networks and links needed to become a digital nomad but realistically unless I spend the majority of my time constantly building relations with affiliate marketing programmes and networking I’m not sure there would be much time to enjoy the actual journey!

Maybe my views will change in 6 months time? I think this can be a realistic way to make a living if you have the time and effort to do so. But from what I can see people who are making a fair bit of money from this are spending a lot of time doing so by telling others how to do it? They may be digitally savvy but are they really living the dream of the freedom you get from the journey of a nomadic lifestyle? It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? I for one am happy to do this as a hobby and use my blogs to share my journey. But in my heart I am nomadic, free to roam where I choose and live my life how I want and yes to some degrees digitally. But not to necessarily make money…………….


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Capturing the everyday adventures of motorcycling through the form of blogging, photography and videography and encouraging women to aspire to their own dreams of riding. And using this blog as a platform to raise awareness of mental health which is a very important and personal topic to us.

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